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Hi, I am Gilly as many of yall know that I play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. But I do occasionally play Battlefield 3 but not always. I am trying to become a programmer for all sort of stuff like web development and desktop applications. What type of music do I listen to? Now before you come and bash me about why I like this type of music. I know you're either on the boat or off the boat there is never a middle ground as I have experience on the past. But, I do love Country music for a lot of reason and most of the reason that you don't like, I like about it. Yes, this is all I listen to. I don't really listen to anything else. I haven't listened to pop music in several years, probably around maybe 8 - 9 years ago from today.

I am a happy Co-Owner of EvoluTion Warfare, I found them by coincidence after I left another clan that I tried to help. I initially found them through Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare at the time their clan was named Trini Wolves and was hosted in Trinidad and Tobago. After one year later they have now migrated to Miami and we are growing strong with a lot of new members and alongside with Discord we now have reached 100 members inside our Discord server. We are actively talking there is no doubt that we dont have one day of silence. We also have fun bots inside there as well. I have been in this clan for over one year now. I must admit it was very fun being in the clan, learning various technical skills while also helping the other clan owner recover his files back and getting Trini Wolves back up and running.

If you need to get in contact with me, you may email me: [email protected] or by Gilly#7886

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